A trip by Frank Bennett to Phnom Penh, to conduct interviews for the JDS program, was the occasion for a meeting among several alumni of the Graduate School of Law. We met on January 31, 2018. The venue was Sourkea Restaurant in Sangkat Boeung Kok 2, the food was excellent, and a good match for both the wine and the conversation!

From left to right: Hap Phalthy; Frank Bennett; Nop Kanharith; Hem Sras; Nget Sovannith; Ly How
From left to right: Phalthy Hap (Director, Graduate Program, Royal University of Law and Economics); Frank Bennett (Associate Professor, School of Law, Nagoya University); Kanharith Nop (Lawyer); Sras Hem (Dean, University of Cambodia); Sovannith Nget (Notary candidate); Ly How (Lawyer).

—Phalthy Hap & Frank Bennett