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Juris-M: column weirdness and v5.0.45m33

With the upgrade to v5.0.45m33, you will see something strange in the center column: all columns will be selected for display. This is not breakage, but a one-time issue to make Juris-M play more nicely with Zotero when both are installed on the same system. This post explains »

Juris-M: changes in v5.0.45m28

We've skipped some version numbers since the v5.0.44m24 release. There has been some rapid activity upstream at Zotero, particularly around word processor support. Between that and a flakey network connection from my laptop (now resolved), several of the intervening releases either reached only one architecture, or were abandoned »

Juris-M: changes in v5.0.44m24

This is another bugfix release. This clears all known bugs but one, so before turning to the changes in this release, a note about that remaining lurker. Some users of Juris-M and Zotero have reported Word crashes on certain documents. The bug appears to be triggered by Track Changes. If »

Writing supervision with Juris-M

The Juris-M reference manager is a variant of Zotero. This post concerns document cite sharing, a unique feature of Juris-M that will be of interest to academic writing instructors. »

Juris-M 5.0 update now in beta

Juris-M is a reference manager with support for legal and multilingual citations, based on Zotero. After several months of "suspended development," it has been brought up to date. »

Minority rights in multi-building condominiums

The Condominium Act includes cram-down provisions applicable to collective decisions to reconstruct, which differ between single- and multi-building developments. This case challenges the latter under the Constitution. »

Bailment by overstaying lessee

In this case, a lessee who incurred expenses for repair of property damaged in a typhoon asserts a bailment of the lease pending compensation. »

Commercial bailment of warehouse space

(2005-05-28) This case concerns a claim of commercial bailment over leased property in the context of a family business incorporated as a limited corporation. »