P1070352-1Dean of our School, Professor Suzuki Masabumi with the Dean at Roma Tre, Prof. Giovanni Serges

On September 14, 2018, a delegation from Nagoya University Graduate School of Law led by the Dean, Prof. Masabumi Suzuki, took part in the ceremony of signing a bilateral agreement with the Department of Law of Roma Tre University in Rome (Italy). This agreement is the fruit of a cooperation started in 2013.
The ceremony took place in the office of the Dean at Roma Tre, Prof. Giovanni Serges (see the 1st picture ). Moreover, given the significance of the agreement, Prof. Suzuki was also received by the President of Roma Tre, Prof. Luca Pietromarchi (see the next picture).
With the President of Roma Tre, Prof. Luca Pietromarchi

Roma Tre is the youngest State university in Rome, but it is probably the most dynamic. Its Department of Law has been selected as one of the "Excellent Departments" under a new program launched by the Italian Ministry of Education. Only 15 Law Departments in Italy have attained such status.
Roma Tre has a wide offer of classes conducted in English. Recently it launched a program named "Studying Law at Roma Tre" offering 20 full courses in English and several exchange opportunities (for students as well as for researchers).
This bilateral agreement will allow students from Nagoya University to spend up to an entire semester at Roma Tre; likewise, students from Roma Tre will be able to attend Nagoya University’s Graduate School of Law.
The agreement is not limited to students, as it is also specifically intended to foster research cooperation between the two institutions.