Accounts on the Nagoya Law Forum ("the Forum") are available by invitation (or on request) to staff, PhD candidates, and graduates of the Nagoya University School of Law, and to invited contributors.


Posts to the Forum should be tagged to one of four categories (for instruction on how to add tags to a post, see the note on Tools for Editing:

  • Legal News: Short descriptions of legislation, regulations, judgments, bills, or other items relating to the laws of one or more jurisdictions. The purpose of the Legal News category is to inform, not to advocate. Any factual post that helps a reader to understand and navigate the law is a welcome contribution.
  • Working Papers: Short posts that analyze or discuss one or more legal issues. Working Papers may be preliminary drafts of a research project, informal contributions to discourse in a particular field, or short summaries of the author's own published work.
  • Alumni Blog: Public posts by graduates, not necessarily related to law. Contributors should bear in mind that posts in this category, like the others, are exposed to the public Internet.
  • Tech Blog: Short essays on technical issues of systems used for legal drafting, dissemination of the law, or legal research, writing, or education.


Posts to the Forum are informal publications, and there are no rigid style requirements. However, readers of Legal News and Working Papers, in particular, will expect the following:

  • Brevity: A short statement is better than a long-winded explanation. Avoid repetition.
  • Accuracy: When describing a law or policy, be sure to get the details right. If discrepancies are reported by our readership, editorial changes may be imposed.
  • References: Posts should cite or link to material that a reader may wish to access in order to confirm the accuracy of the post or to explore the topic further. While there is no fixed citation style, the form of citation should be consistent within a post.

Editorial oversight

All members of the Forum can publish posts. An editor may review posts from time to time, to check for conformity to these Guidelines, to adjust the tags assigned to a post, or to make minor edits to the text for readability. Edits that affect the substance of a post will not be done without the consent of the original contributor.

Content that, in the view of the editors, is wildly inaccurate, that is defamatory, that poses a risk of safety to individuals, or that constitutes plagiarism will be removed from the Forum. Repeated posting of such content may result in the termination of membership.