I am pleased to announce that Juris-M is now at Beta 5 (v5.0.35.m1-beta.5), and level with current Zotero. With feedback on legal features from Dan Epps and Michael Risch, on multilingual features from Nicolas Pinet, and on the client build environment from Duncan Paterson, we have ironed out a number of bugs found in the first beta releases:

  • The build steps for the client are now clearly documented.
  • Connectors for Chrome and Firefox are now available.
  • Web translation from Google Scholar, long broken, now works.
  • Web translation dependent on RDF parsing, initially broken by a
    translator update, now works.
  • Editing in the Jurisdiction and Court fields initially crashed the
    client (ouch). Fixed.
  • Abbreviation Filter, initially working only in Style Editor, now
    works in documents also.
  • An error thrown in documents after stop/start of Juris-M client has
    been cleared.
  • Bug showing last-entered citation always in full form fixed in
    Zotero and merged.
  • Failure of field-language menu to set field language has been fixed.
  • Legal citation styles, initially broken, now render as designed.

Reported bugs have all been cleared. A few others are no doubt lurking, but the beta is now fully functional, on all three platforms (Mac, Windows, Linux).

There was a brief snag in the update when Google initially rejected the Juris-M Connector Beta as an unlisted extension for Chrome. I appealed via email and resubmitted, and on a second look the reviewers reversed the initial decision. This was a dismaying speed-bump, but we reached the other side of it quickly, and are back in business. For testing purposes, a link to the unlisted extension has been circulated to the Juris-M support lists.

After another week of exposure for testing, I'll roll the beta out as an official release. Thanks to everyone for your patience and your attention!

Frank Bennett