This is primarily a Juris-M bugfix release, with a few updates from Zotero upstream.

  • The Juris-M icon returns on Windows systems!

  • The feature to “bind” a document to a shared library was extracting separate items for each occurrence of a reference on first refresh. This is now avoided.

  • Where ...

    1. a field had no language value set, and
    2. it had at least one multilingual variant, and
    3. user set a language value on the field via right-click, and then
    4. user attempted to change the value on the top field to that of the variant ...

    ... the expected behavior would be for the two fields to swap in place. Due to a bug, the swap would fail on the first attempt, and if user attempted the change a second time, strange things would happen. A second copy of the headline field content could appear as a language-labelled variant. Or the headline field content could disappear. Bad things.

    The bug was due to a failure to save the item after setting the language tag on a headline field. This has been fixed, and the scenario above will work as expected.

  • Opening a Court field for editing showed false as the value (!) instead of actual field content. This alarming glitch in the user interface has been fixed.

  • Juris-M, like Zotero, accepts a limited set of HTML tags as styling inside ordinary fields, which can be particularly useful for titles. Zotero users recently reported that a curly apostrophe inside styling tags would cause the tags to show as literal characters in the output (oops). This has been fixed, and <i>Frank’s italic text</i> will show property as Frank’s italic text.

  • While it did not affect the JM styles, a style in the Zotero repository revealed succeeded in crashing the citeproc-js citation processor with valid style code—quite a feat after 10 years of development work. The cause of the crash has been pinned down, and the bug squashed.