This is another bugfix release. This clears all known bugs but one, so before turning to the changes in this release, a note about that remaining lurker.

Some users of Juris-M and Zotero have reported Word crashes on certain documents. The bug appears to be triggered by Track Changes. If you encounter the error, try accepting changes in the document.

(So long as the bug remains open, the Zotero developers will welcome a small sample document that demonstrates the crash.)

And now for news of the changes in this release:

  • The cache of language information was not being updated immediately when the settings were changed, because of a typo. I'm not sure whether this affected things at user level, but it's fixed.
  • Date fields showing in the item info pane were being repeated at the very bottom of the listing, below the two status dates. The cause turned out to be a stray block of code that caused all fields in the pane to be written twice. Bizarrely, the stray date fields were the only visible symptom. I've removed that extra code block, and everything seems to work just fine.
  • In Preferences → Languages, there is a Screen settings column under the Juris-M heading. This is meant for setting the preferred language of (at least) titles in the center pane, but until this release, it had no effect in JM 5.0. It is now enabled—but note that the client must be restarted to make the changes take effect. I will make the change take effect instantly when I get to it, but for now, that’s the state of play.
  • While curating student content, I found that one pair of items refused to merge. The cause was traced to a function in Zotero code that, in the slightly unusual context of my rather large Zotero account, attempted to read a target item from cache before it had been registered. Performing the read with a function that registers an item in the cache if it is missing there solved the problem.

Enjoy JM 5.0.44m24!