We've skipped some version numbers since the v5.0.44m24 release. There has been some rapid activity upstream at Zotero, particularly around word processor support. Between that and a flakey network connection from my laptop (now resolved), several of the intervening releases either reached only one architecture, or were abandoned altogether pending further developments. Things have settled down, and I think you'll be happy with m28. Here is a run-down of the main changes:

  • Branding: Juris-M inherits the vast bulk of its code from “upstream” Zotero, and the frequent appearance of “Zotero” rather than “Juris-M” in the client’s menus could be a source of confusion. With the m28 release, all menus and texts should now refer uniformly to “Juris-M”, except when the Zotero sync service is intended, in which case its proper name is used. If you notice any inconsistencies, feel free to drop a line on the support lists.
  • Enhanced Connector: Zotero have released a strong beta of a revised browser connector. The new version offers a selection widget when you click the “download” icon in a page, that allows you to chose the target library. It's a very nice touch. To get the new version of the connector for Juris-M, you will need to install manually from the Juris-M project page. Well worth the trouble!
  • Automatic Firefox Connector Update: Automatic updates have not been working in the Firefox version of the connector, but from the latest version (v5.0.45.1), the plugin should update itself automatically, just like in the movies.
  • Country Names in Citations: When a country code derived from a Jurisdiction was given an explicit abbreviation (to transform “United States” to “U.S.,” say), the abbreviated country name was appearing twice in citations. This has been fixed.
  • Language Names in Citations: There is a nice little undocumented feature of the processor for handling translated material. In the Language field, a translation into English from Japanese (for example) can be indicated by separating the respective language codes with a less-than sign, like so: en<ja. The language names are then available in CSL processing of citations under the variable names language-name and language-name-original. This was all working nicely, but the map used to expand the language code into a language name was drawn from the Juris-M language interface settings under Preferences → Languages—which is both obscure and not right for various reasons. Language names are now set as ordinary abbreviations, using the Abbreviation Filter.
  • Word Processor Support: This release bears the fruit of further work done by Zotero users and its developers to address bugs in the recently rewritten word processor integration code. Judging from the sharp drop in support requests on the Zotero forums, word processor support should now be quite stable. If you run across any anomalies, do drop a line on the support lists.
  • Local Trash and My Publications: Not a reference to my meagre publication record. Zotero have addressed a bug whereby a removal of items from trash or from My Publications was not reflected in a downward sync from the server. The bug has been fixed, and we inherit the change.