This release brings Juris-M level with Zotero 5.0.47. Changes to Zotero are documented on the Zotero website.

Changes I have made to the code for Juris-M since v5.0.45m33 include the following:

  • Juris-M connector: The browser plugin (or “connector”) is meant to acquire the code needed to scrape data from a page from “home” (in our case, the Juris-M repository server). That wasn't working correctly for a combination of reasons. The problems have been fixed, and (touch wood) the connector running without Juris-M client should work to save metadata to your account. Some attachments will fail, and web pages saved in this way will be less pretty than a copy saved directly to the client; but it should work.

  • International Criminal Court: Decisions of the ICC were showing meaningless placeholders instead of citations. The module was originally pushed by mistake—it had not yet been coded, and contained only placeholder values. With this update, the module’s effect is limited to ICC decisions, and it formats those in a sensible way.

  • Government reports: These were not showing the jurisdiction or institution issuing the report, and inclusion of an author had the effect of completely quashing the committee name. The module has been adjusted to include these details when available.

  • Branding: Some further labels and links have been adjusted to point at Juris-M where apprropiate.