**International Conference of Nagoya University Graduates (Graduate School of Law) **


by Mr. G. Batbayar, Nagoya Mongolian Branch Chief of NUAL(Nagoya Univeristy Alumni Association)

NUAL Mongolia branch in collaboration with Graduate School of Law of Nagoya University has successfully hosted the very first international conference of Nagoya University graduates on the theme of “Good Leadership in Society” at Shangri-La Hotel, Ulaanbaatar on 14th of August 2018.

The event brought together graduates who are now distinguished scholars, judges, and practitioners both in private and public sectors in Mongolia, as well as Professor Okuda Saori, Professor-emeritus Sugiura Kazutaka (Deputy chairman of Alumni Association of Nagoya University Graduate School of Law) and Ito Yoriko, teacher at Research and Education Center for Japanese law, the National University of Mongolia (Law School).

Professor Masabumi Suzuki, Dean of the Graduate School of Law, Nagoya University, by his letter* addressed to the Conference, congratulated to all the people involved in the holding of the International Conference on the theme of "Good Leadership in Society and expressed his heartfelt respect to the initiative of the graduates gathered under Mongolia Branch of the Nagoya University Alumni Association.

Honored lawyer and academician, professor-emeritus S. Narangerel noted in his opening remark that “the right leadership and role model behavior of the university graduates are important for country prosperity and growth”.


Conference attendees shared their intellectual contributions and ideas on:

a) Good leadership and contribution to our society (in addition to individual achievements and carrier developments in academic/professional works),
b) Nagoya University’s expectation of graduates’ role in society for academic, cultural and social issues and school program supporting this idea,
c) NUAL Mongolia’s role and coordination to encourage, foster and promote close relations and ties among the alumni members, students and the university.**


As of March 2018, total of 101 Mongolian students have graduated from Nagoya University of which 41 graduates received master and doctorate degree on law.

During the discussion held at the conference, NUAL Mongolia has agreed the following:

• To host the first global meeting of NUAL branches of all other countries in Mongolia under the theme of "Good Leadership in Society" and further facilitate cooperation by taking initiatives to organize annual alumni meetings in different countries;
• To prepare a series of historical publications for press on cooperation between Nagoya University and the National University of Mongolia (Law School);
• To explore possibility to prepare and publish graduate research papers as references for new students and scholars;
• To organize a academic competition among current Japan law students at National University of Mongolia (Law School) to offer financial assistance (tuition fee) to those with academic excellence;
• To take initiatives to organize Japanese and Mongolian scholars and business forum and develop platform for joint cooperation and closer ties between Japanese and Mongolian people.

All attendees received customized NUAL Mongolia Branch notebook and pen. The event was advertised in the local newspaper and online news site both prior to and following the conference. The conference took place from 09AM to 1:30PM.

*Message from Professor Masabumi Suzuki, Dean of the Graduate School of Law

I would like to express my heartfelt congratulations to all the people involved in the holding of the International Conference on the theme of "Good Leadership in Society."

This event is held at the initiative of the Mongolia Branch of the Nagoya University Alumni Association.
The Graduate School of Law at Nagoya University is also co-sponsoring this event and providing financial support. I made the proposal to co-sponsor and support at the faculty meeting, and it was unanimously and enthusiastically accepted by the professors.
In fact, our faculty members were deeply moved by the fact that the Mongolia Branch of the alumni association planned this event to maintain and develop ties with Nagoya University.

Today, many people who have a connection with Nagoya University are present here.
I would like to express my heartfelt respect to all of you for having been active in Mongolia in their respective positions, taking advantage of your experience in study, research and other activities at Nagoya University.

The theme of this conference is "Good Leadership in Society." In the international community today, a narrow-minded patriotic principle is gaining strength. In this era, I believe that social leaders need to be interested in and understand other countries, and tackle various issues hand-in-hand with people from other countries.
In this respect, you who value friendship with the people of Nagoya University and Japan are committed to serving as a bridge between Mongolia and Japan, and I believe you are exactly those who are qualified to become leaders in Mongolia. I sincerely hope that you will continue to play an active role for that purpose.

I, as the dean of the Graduate School of Law, regrettably apologize for being unable to visit Mongolia this time.
From Japan, however, Professor-emeritus Sugiura and Professor Okuda are participating today, As you know, Professor Sugiura is not only the vice chairman of the alumni association of the Faculty of Law, but also a former dean of the Graduate School of Law. Professor Okuda has been in charge of the management of international student education for many years. Therefore, I would like to emphasize that Professors Sugiura and Okuda are the strongest and best-qualified individuals to represent the Graduate School of Law and the Alumni Association of the Faculty of Law.

I am confident that this international conference will succeed, and I hope that this event will further strengthen and deepen the relationship between the Mongolia Branch of the alumni association and the Graduate School of Law, as well as the relationship between Mongolia and Japan. In addition, it is my sincere hope that the relationship between you and us will be a good example for other countries’ branches of the alumni association, and invigorate cooperative activities between them and our Graduate School of Law, as well as networking among all the branches.

Thank you very much for encouraging us to be so forward looking!

Dean Masabumi Suzuki
August 14, 2018