The Nagoya Law Forum is driven by Ghost, a modern blogging platform that is convenient and simple to use. Here are a few notes to help contributors get started.

Creating an account

Only invited Forum members can post to the Forum. All staff, PhD candidates, and graduates (BA, MA, or PhD) of the School of Law will be issued an account invitation on request. Special invitations to visitors or guests may also be issued.

To create and account, click on the link in the invitation email, and follow the steps on the site. It's the usual routine: you email is your ID, and you must set a password.

We also encourage members to fill in their bio at the bottom of the Profile page (in the login display, click on your name, immediately under "Nagoya Law Forum" in the upper left of the screen).

Online editing

To edit a post, just click on "New story" in the sidebar.

Using a Ghost editor app

There are very nice, simple apps that you can install on your Windows, Mac or Linux computer, or on your Mac or Android phone or tablet. The apps give you full control over your posts on the Forum, even when offline.


To add tags to a post, open the post for editing, click on the gear icon in the upper right to open the sidebar menu, then click on the Tags box to select a tag, or write a new one. The first tag set on a post should be one of Legal News, Working Papers, Alumni Blog, or Tech Notes.